Magicshine New TTA Out-Front Bike Mount


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  • Length: 134mm
  • Width: 59mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Weight: 41g (excluding GoPro adaptor, bolts and shims)

Computer compatibility: Garmin™, Wahoo™, Bryton™, Polar™.:

  • Garmin™: Edge 1030/Edge 1000/Edge 830/Edge 820/Edge 810/Edge 800/Edge 530/Edge 520/Edge 510/Edge 500/Edge 200/Edge 25/Edge 20/Edge Touring
  • Wahoo™: Elemnt/Elemnt Mini/Elemnt Bolt/Elemnt Roam
  • Bryton™: Rider 750/Rider 420/Rider 410/Rider one/Rider 530/Rider 330/Rider 310
  • Polar™: V650/M460/M450

Accessory compatibility: GoPro™ Hero series /DJI™ action/insta360™ ONE/Cellphone ,etc.

Bicycle light compatibility:

  • ALLTY 400/ALLTY 600/ALLTY 800/ALLTY 1000/ALLTY 1500/ALLTY 2000/RN 800/RN 1200/RN 3000
  • MJ-900S/MJ-902S/MJ-906S

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Multi-purpose aluminium alloy out-front style bike mount from Magicshine, a durable, lightweight bike mount compatible with a variety of devices.

Included with this out front mount is a variety of mounting bases and base conversion pieces for Garmin devices, most models of Magicshine lights, speedometers, battery clips and cellphones etc. Designed with an additional, detachable mounting base, the bottom piece is angle adjustable and easily removed if needed. Phone+battery, light+battery or maybe a battery and GoPro camera combo to record your journey. Freedom is there, choice is yours.


  • CNC aluminium alloy body, hardened, rigid, durable, and very lightweight
  • 134mm total length, 41g total weight
  • 2 mounts top and bottom, connected via a GoPro adapter
  • Supports GoPro, Wahoo, Polar, and Bryton
  • Compatible with all Magicshine lights with Garmin base (Allty 1000, RN 1200, MJ-900S, Monteer 6500 etc.)
  • Compatible with 31.8mm or 35mm handlebars.


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